FAQ's and Store Policies

  • What is a wax tart?
    A wax tart is a form of home fragrance. A lot of like a candle only its wickless, needs to be melted on a warmer, and is a lot smaller and easier to store.

  • What's a warmer?
    There are 3 types of warmers. A hot plate warmer (electric), bulb warmer (electric), or a tea light warmer. A hotplate warmer and a tea light warmer get hot enough to melt an entire sushi mold. If you prefer a bulb warmer, I suggest cutting and melting half of the sushi piece.

  • How long do your wax melts last?
    Our wax melts last anywhere from 8-16 hours depending on what type of burner you're using. You will be able to tell if you need to switch out by the lack of scent coming from the warmer

  • How much does each piece weigh?
    Each wax mold weighs in between 1-1.2 oz. Each mold is individually weighed before going into a polypropylene bag. 

  • How do I make a purchase?
    We restock every 2 weeks and we are a ready to ship vendor. Meaning as soon as you purchase it packed and on it's way to you days later. 

  • Do you offer refunds or cancellations?
    Due to how we stock product and how we order supplies we do not offer refunds or cancellations once you have made a purchase. Once you make a purchase with us we do not offer a refund any circumstances. 

  • Why are there no products listed in the store?
    Since we are a ready to ship vendor if there are no products that means we are currently sold out of product. If you'd like to know when we restock our products make sure you join either our Facebook Group or follow our Instagram Page for dates and times!

  • How long does it take for my order to ship once I order?
    Our current turn around time is 3-5 business days unless you ordered from an unlimited preorder, then its 4-6 weeks. 
  • Do you ship out side of the US?
    At this point and time we do not. We ship to US addresses only. 

  • How much is shipping?
    Shipping is a flat rate $6.50 to anywhere in the US

  • Do you refund shipping?
    We do not at this time. 

  • How long does your wax need to cure?
    Your wax is ready to enjoy as soon as you receive it! 

  • Do you use paraffin or soy wax for your melts?
    We actually use a special parasoy blend that was specially formulated for the highest fragrance load possible! 

  • How do I make a whole sale purchase? 
    If you'd like to make a whole sale purchase with us, please email us with all inquiries through the contact us tab.